K&B can assist your efforts in managing a wide range of inventory functions and value-added services. Our inventory management services include receiving, inspection, storage, quality checking processes, detailed reporting, shipping, and other tasks.
K&B’s 130,000+ square foot inventory facilities are secure, carefully managed, and monitored 24/7.

In addition, K&B can check the status of any inventory item in real time, and generate detailed reconciliation reports. Our advanced systems and processes ensure accurate, reliable, and timely communication concerning your critical inventory assets.

K&B’s Inventory Services program has been proven to deliver many competitive advantages to our customers in the Aerospace industry:  

  • Reduced costs, since there is no need to invest in additional real estate for your inventory or additional inventory management personnel. We inspect it, store it, and provide full reporting, 24/7.
  • Significant time savings, since K&B will generate customized, real time status reports on your inventory any time needed. Reduced supervisory concerns, since this program offers a high level of security, safety, and overall peace-of-mind.

Value-Added Services
K&B’s broad range of value-added services can further add to the operational efficiency of the company’s customers. To support its customers, K&B provides the following specific services:

  • Delegated Quality Services (DQCR)
  • Kitting to reduce inventory and speed cycle time
  • Amalgamation of manufactured parts, purchased parts,
    and customer-furnished materials
  • Light assembly

For more information concerning K&B Industries’ Customer Inventory Services and other value-added services, please call us at 985-868-6730, or reach us by email, aerospace@kb-industries.com.