We’ve expanded our 5-axis machine line up to deliver more precision, speed and capacity.

As part of our three-year investment in new facilities, technologies, and equipment, K&B Industries has added more 5-axis machines, providing additional precision, speed and capacity in meeting many machining requirements.

5-axis machining offers some important advantages for K&B customers.

Complex parts can be machined from solid materials, instead of cast materials.
For prototypes and small runs, the result is higher quality parts, along with faster turnaround times (typically one or two weeks instead of up to two months for castings).

Complex shapes can be machined in a single set-up.
The result is greater machining productivity, reducing the time and cost of preparing fixtures.

Longer tool life and higher quality surface finishing.
The use of shorter cutting tools in 5-axis machining results in higher cutting speeds and reduced tool vibration compared to three-axis machining. This yields longer tool life, along with higher quality surface finishing, reducing or eliminating the need for hand finishing.

The drilling of holes is faster, simpler and more accurate.
With 5-axis machining, the drilling of holes is also faster, simpler and more accurate, since it allows the head to be oriented along the correct axis automatically for each hole.

At K&B Industries, we are committed to continued expansion of our products and services to better meet the needs of our customers in the energy and aerospace industries.